Sunday, December 29, 2013


     To get to the area in which we live, you have to pass through a gate.  There are several men who share the duty of keeping the gate.  We have made it a point to stop and speak to the guards every time we pass through.  Sometimes it's a quick greeting, and sometimes we chat for a few minutes (as best we can with my limited Swahili and their limited English).  We've learned their names and use them each time we see them.  We have given them biblical reading materials which they have happily received.  They have read them and shared them with each other.

     Today as we came home, one of them asked where we had been.  We said we were on our way home from church.  I asked him where he went to church, and he told me.  Then he let me know that there was a rumor that I was a preacher.  (I hadn't mentioned that to them yet.)  I confirmed that I was and told him that I was with the kanisa la Kristo.  On his own, he said, "I want to go to church with you Sunday."  I was thrilled and told him what time services were.  I don't know if he'll show up or not, but the conversation was an encouraging reminder that we always represent our Lord to others.  Even in the little things, like the way we drive through a gate.  We would all do well to keep that in mind more often as we conduct the business of everyday life.  People are watching!  And God is watching too.

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