Sunday, December 1, 2013


The Andrew Connally School of Preaching graduating class of 2013
     Saturday we were able to be a part of this year's graduation ceremony for the Andrew Connally School of Preaching.  It was exciting to see 14 men preparing to embark on their new lives as ministers of the Gospel.  Randy Pyle and Tom Brandon from the Meridianville, AL congregation were here to teach a short course on church leadership and were also able to be a part of the festivities.  

     A village leader was also there to offer congratulations and be a testimony to the good relationship that ACSOP has with the surrounding community.  Good Christians also tend to make good citizens and are a blessing to their communities.  Righteousness does exalt a nation as Proverbs 14:34 reminds us. 

    Additionally, there were three men who graduated from the Arusha Bible School.  None of these men were Christians when they enrolled in the school, but they wanted to know the Bible better.  During the in-depth Bible study that they did at school they discovered the truth of God's Word and were led to Christ.  Their conversions serve as a testimony to the power of the Gospel for anyone who is willing to give it honest study and "search the scriptures".

Randy Pyle, minister at the Meridianville church, addresses the graduates.

Tom Brandon, elder at Meridianville, AL joins Ahemidewe Kimaro (Dean of Students), Christopher Mwakabanje (Swahili Director), Jimmy Gee (ASCOP Director), and Cy Stafford (TZ 2000 Director) in presenting the graduates with their degrees.

I offer some final words of encouragement to the new graduates.

Here are the names of the men who graduated in this year's ACSOP class:
Albert Donasia Jacob Shirima (Valedictorian)
Ayubu Z. Laizer
Njile Makungu Kazungu
Godwin Elisha Malley
Godlisten John Mbise
Jackson K. Andrea
Josephat Mkwaya Mzima
Joseph Zephania Mhilu
Justine K. Nkelego
Maurice Gasper Wissibo
Naaman O. Sheiza
Philemon David Jakobo
Remmy Mwaituka Simkoko
Silvester Bahati Kanego

These are the graduates of the Arusha Bible School:
Clement S. Masimba (Valedictorian)
Happygod Silas Maleo
Amani Fransis Kimario

Please join with me in praying for these men as they move on to new phases of their life and service to God. 

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