Thursday, December 19, 2013


provided by TZ2000 director, Cy Stafford

We rejoice knowing we partner with others of a like-minded faith. In an effort to carry out
God’s will, “seeking and saving” the lost of this world, we know that training men in their
own country that they might in turn take the saving message of the Gospel to others, is
perhaps one of the best ways to “evangelize” the world.

Total number of graduates: 134 (undergraduates), another 20 from the Masters program. It is our hope to have our largest ever intake in Feb. 2014 with an enrollment of 30 new students. We are thankful for the 10 Short Course teachers that came our way this year, they are such an asset and encouragement to the team and school.
The following numbers are from 14 of our graduates (representing about 10% of
1. Campaigns - 57
2. Baptisms - 278
3. New congregations established - 47
4. Active Christians - 881
5. Backsliding Christians - 148
6. New born Christians from Christian families - 28

2013 Highlights

In the Arusha area (not included in the above numbers, we conducted three Safari for
Souls campaigns resulting in 84 new converts.

At the ACSOP we hosted the annual Tanzania Leadership Conference. This year we
had around 140 participants from over 56 different congregations, and from 7 different

We also host the annual Tanzania Christian Camp. This year we had between 80-90
young men and women from many different congregations. The Lord blessed His
church with an increase of 17 souls from this camp this year.

We will also be hosting our annual Future Preacher’s Training Camp this week, we expect around 35-40 young men.

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  1. That is great ideal Mr cy Stafford thank God for your Good works as you trains preacher of the Gospel who will train other for the sake of the Gospel in order to reach the world do your best to present yourself to God (1 Timothy 2:15) , student from Muture school of preaching in Zimbabwe , church of Christ.