Saturday, January 30, 2016

Short Report - Jan 30

Greetings Fellow Servants,

We praise God continually from whom all blessings flow.  God's laborers continue to work the vineyards and fruit is being yielded.

Justin and Anna Maynard share this report about our growing farm project:

This month the farm has really grown. We extended our cow house to make room for new babies.  We were able to get it finished just in time and it was ready the day our first calf, Ruby, was born.  We should have two more calves due in the coming months.  Personally, we added two goats (male and female) to our project.  We raised dairy goats in the States and we want to see how successful they are here.  We will add this element to what we teach the preaching students.  If successful, dairy goats would be great for those needing to provide milk for themselves and their families but don’t have enough room or finances available for a cow. Also we have been in the process of adding 10 new beds to our already existing 20 small beds and 1 acre worth of double dig raised beds. Finally we are thankful that we were able to harvest beans this week.  The short rains here have still not stopped. Many of our surrounding farms lost all they had to excess rain. The Lord blessed us with a good crop of beans that we were able to harvest right before the rains destroyed most of the bean crops in the Kisango area.  

The Maynards have been doing a tremendous work with us and have been a Godsend during this chaotic time.  

Gary Fallis is currently in Arusha teaching a short course at ACSOP.  Anita Davidson will be coming soon to do some work also.  Also my family and I (Daniel and Tiffany Gaines and children) will be returning to Tanzania on Monday.  Please keep these travels and efforts in your prayers.

As you know, we've been requesting prayers on behalf of our brother, Cy Stafford.  As of writing, he is still in very serious condition and fighting for his life.  Please be relentless in your prayers on his behalf. 

Your partnership in the work in Tanzania is very greatly appreciated.  It is amazing what can be accomplished when God's people work together for His glory around the globe.  

Till all have heard...

Daniel Gaines

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Short Report - Jan 20, 2016

Greetings Fellow Servants,

As you might know, Cy Stafford has been undergoing treatments for aggressive leukemia.  His situation became very serious, very quickly.  At one point he actually coded, and was resuscitated.  The doctors gave him a 10% chance of surviving, and serious end-of-life decisions were being discussed by those close to him.  However, prayer-warriors all around the globe began crowding the throne of God with fasting and prayer.   Our mighty and gracious God heard those prayers and Cy has shown startling progress.  His white cell counts have risen, he's off of dialysis, and free from the ventilator. It has been so faith-affirming to follow his situation.  As we say in Tanzania, Mungu ni mwema! (God is good!)

While we praise God for His good response to our prayers, we recognize that Cy still has a long way to go.  Don't let up in your efforts to petition our heavenly Father to intervene for our beloved brother.  Cy has a rich reward waiting for him later, but there is still so much good work for him to do here :-) 

Now some news from the field:

One of our alumni, Geoffrey Nyaboga, reports that he has been a part of a new church plant that has seen 24 souls added to the body of Christ already.  More and more are coming all of the time.  In fact, others have charged these workers as being evangelism machines because of their tireless efforts for the cause of Christ.

Our brother, David Bayi, of the Kioga congregation reports: "This year we have two baptism,my daughter as non as Sarah obeyed the gospel,and also there is one guy his is Emanuel obeyed the gospel  it was January 3 the last Sunday .
The attendance on Sunday was 107 including kids,the middle week the attendance are 35-38."

The Gaines family will conclude furlough and head back to Tanzania in less than two weeks.  Please offer a prayer for their safe and smooth travel.  

Until all have heard,
Daniel Gaines