Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Prayer Request

     Today I have a special prayer request for you.  Our 4-year old son, Josiah, has been having what appear to be a type of seizures.  Our suspicion is that this is not something that would have been caused in any way by living in Africa, but rather a condition present from birth that takes time to make itself manifest.  We have received advice from six doctors - including a family practitioner, 2 pediatricians, a pediatric neurologist, a neurologist, and an anesthesiologist.  They have all advised us that Josiah needs an MRI and EEG.  Neither of which are available here.  Even if they were available, there is nobody in this country that is qualified to read the results.  We have been advised to take Josiah to the US where these evaluations can take place.

     In light of this counsel,  Tiffany and the children will return to the States on June 1.  Meanwhile Daniel will stay in Tanzania carrying on the work for the time being.  Our hope is that tests will prove there is no major problem, and the family will be back in Africa in a matter of weeks.  At this point, we can only take this one step at a time.

     Please pray for Josiah's health, the doctors diagnostic abilities, and that Tiffany and I will handle this situation wisely.  If you would like to make a donation to help defer these unexpected costs, then that would certainly be welcome as well.

     Thank you for your support and encouragement.

Your fellow worker,



  1. My family and I will be praying for you guys most definitely. We will pray for his health and safe travels.
    We as a family who has two children with epilepsy understand from our view point how scary that can be for parents. Anytime you need a listening ear we are hear to listen. I will especially be praying that they don't get any worse till you guys cans get to the States. Hugs to you all and many prayers.

  2. Prayers here, Daniel. It can be hard being away from family; prayers for peace during this time.

  3. Daniel - I am sorry you are facing this situation. We will be praying for Josiah and all of your family. May God bless you through this time.

  4. So sorry to hear but will be praying for a diagnosis that can be treated. May God bless you all at this trying time.