Sunday, December 15, 2013


     Being south of the equator, our seasons are opposite of the calendar back home.  Thus, rather than summer camps, "Christmas camps" are common here.  People have some time off and some locals go on vacation or send their kids to camp.  One of the events that we were really looking forward to this year is Tanzania Christian Camp.  

     This past week a group from the U.S. was here (Ben Thompson, John and Denise Rice, and John Tyler Rice) to help bring the Bible camp experience that so many American young people love to Tanzania.  There were 84 campers between the ages of 15 and 25 that showed up for a week of fun and spiritual growth.  Tiffany and I had the opportunity to participate as teachers and counselors, and it was a wonderful experience.  Of those 84 campers, 64 completed their memory verse assignments - not a bad ratio.

     I'm also happy to report that that so far 17 baptisms have resulted from the camp!  It is so wonderful to see people responding to the Gospel message.  It was also encouraging to see that some of the greatest evangelists of the week were the male campers.  Several of them were very active in having Bible studies with other students, a good many of whom were baptized subsequently.  What a wonderful example of young Christian leadership!  

     Now please enjoy some pictures to highlight some of the week's events:

A young lady enters into Christ through baptism

These young people all had their sins washed away during camp!

Tiffany teaches Bible class
Ben addresses the campers.
  Anita and Paulina dish out some physical food to go along with the spiritual feast.  It takes a lot of beans and rice to feed a crew this size!

Beautiful singing is a staple at Bible camp.  TCC is no exception.
Students search their Bibles as they ponder the message being taught to them.
Craft Time!

Two campers have a person Bible study during some free time.
It takes a lot of water to meet the needs of camp.  When the local supply is insufficient, then a truckload has to be purchased.
John Rice wrapping up a powerful sermon
Daniel teaches class while one of the campers serves as a translator.
Tiffany's class is reminded of the importance of supporting one another through this activity.
Tiffany poses with her class
The campers get to decorate their t-shirts to help remember the week
Abby shows us her finished product
Daniel and Gasper pose with their campers

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