Sunday, March 23, 2014

Welcome to the Family Brother!

     It has been a great day here in Arusha.  This morning on our way to church, we were stopped by the guard at a security gate that we have to pass through each day.  He has been filling out Swahili correspondence courses that I have been giving him.  I thought at first that he was wanting the next lesson in the course.  But he excitedly proclaimed that he wanted to be baptized after work today.  We rejoiced together over the decision.  After finding out when he would get off of work, we went on our way.
     We were there promptly when work was over to take him to the school to be baptized.  We introduced him to the students and to Ahimedewe (the evangelist at the Kisongo congregation), who warmly received and encouraged him.  Then we watched as he reenacted the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ by being baptized.  He then returned home with the bounce in his step that comes from knowing that his sins have been washed away!  Praise God for making moments like this possible by His grace!

Daniel looks on as Kennedy, a 2nd year preaching student, baptizes John Peter

John Peter and Daniel
Watch the action here:

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