Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday in Njiro

Worship service today at Njiro Chini 

     We were excited to be able to attend worship at the new Njiro Chini congregation today.  Currently they are meeting in the home of Elly Martin until more permanent arrangements can be made.  This is where the concentrated evangelistic focus has been for the month of February.  Christopher Mwakabanje gives the following synopsis of the month's efforts:
February evangelism went very well. A total of 53 Bible Studies were set up, 9 are faithfully attending our regular worship services. Among the 53 Bible studies, 39 are very active. It requires more human resources on follow up. We had one baptism so far. The attendance on Sundays has grown up to 19 people on the 3rd Sunday.”

Meanwhile our daughter, Abby, decided to try teaching the children's Bible class by herself for the first time.  She hopes to eventually get to where she can do a cradle roll class on a regular basis.  We're very proud of her heart and desire to serve.

Abby tries her hand at teaching Bible class

     After a great worship service, Elly and his sweet wife, Neema, provided lunch for everyone.  That's one benefit of visiting a very small congregation!  We enjoyed ugali, rice, beans, a banana and meat stew, and various other goodies.  It's always good to have a chance to visit with the Martin family.

Tiffany with Neema Martin

Enjoying some good, authentic African cooking

Banana stew?  Yes, please.

     Monday we will bid farewell to the group that has been visiting from the Town Acres church of Christ in Indiana.  We've worked them hard, and have enjoyed getting to know them.  We pray they have a safe journey home to their families.
Nathan Bailey, Brian Howard, Mariah Dickey, and Dennis Dickey

     I hope you enjoy your time with God and His people this week!

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  1. I love Neema! It was always a pleasure to spend time with her. :)