Saturday, September 21, 2013

Container Day!

     After months of planning, collecting, packing, and stressing the container has finally been packed and sent on its way.  God gave us a beautiful day to work, and some great friends to help us out.  The store behind our house even drove a forklift over to help us with the heaviest stuff.  We packed it so tightly that we had space left over.  (What a wonderful problem to have!!!) So we made a quick run to Sam's Club to get some last minute things to make sure we filled all of our space.  We'll be glad to have those few extra rolls of American toilet paper later on!

       Thank you to all of you who donated money, items, or time to help make it possible for us to ship a container of goods ahead of us to Tanzania.  It took a lot of people to make this happen.  We appreciate that all of you believe in us, our mission, and our Lord.  Your support is encouraging and motivating.

     To our container, we'll see you in a couple of months!  Travel safely!

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