Sunday, July 12, 2015

Report from Michael Losotwa

I reported to you recently that the Arusha congregation was conducting a campaign.  This was a completely indigenous effort run totally by the local brethren.  I'm very happy to report that it has resulted in four souls putting on Christ through baptism.  The local leadership continues to step up and are growing nicely.  I have great hope for the long-term future of the church here even after the missionaries pull back.  Permanent good is being accomplished through the work here, and I am very proud to be a part of this team.

Now, this week I would like to share with you the monthly report from one of our faculty members of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching:

I would like to send to you my sincere greetings from ACSOP. It’s my pleasure to let you know how things have been going on around here in this other part of the world. For sure we have a lot of things done here that are giving glory to God. On June the 1st the ACSOP was closed for break and every student went home. That was followed with pre and main evangelism campaigns in many congregations in around the Arusha city leading many lost souls to Christ. 
Those campaigns took more than two weeks. Thereafter my companion by name Koimere Ndoosywho is a preacher in Monduli Juu and an ACSOP master’s program student, and I traveled to Kajiado County. This area is located in southern Kenya about 75 kilometers from Nemanga town which is at the border between Tanzania and Kenya. Its dwellers are members of the Maasai tribe. Our main reason of going there was to conduct a Bible seminar for five days. The main theme was “Bring the Church Back to Christ.” 
The existence of the church there has a very disappointing story. According to the old natives of that area it seems that the faithful church of Christ was the first one to introduce Christianity in that area in the early 1980’s. Some missionaries from USA visited there on that time and evangelized almost the whole county and established more than eighteen congregations. Those missionaries worked there up to early 1990’s and their contract was done. 
Seven years later another group of missionaries came to that area with some new teaching with the new name of the church which is “Christianity Community Church.” They came with the teachings that “contextualize the Bible with your community.” They turned the church upside down, introducing a new system of worship including instrumental music in the worship plus a special group of singers to entertain the worshipers in the worship. 
They also dismissed the regular taking of the Lord’s Supper, put women to leadership of the church where the men were present, and ordained one pastor in each congregation. They also ordained one man to be an overseer over all churches in all the area. Surely it’s so disappointing that all the eighteen former congregations were fallen in that apostasy.The encouraging thing is that three years ago there was an older man named Kisakui Oloum who started to reorganize the church, and teach the truth in Leboo village in that area.  That was where we conducted our seminar for five days. Whereby four men out of ten who attended were leaders of that denomination and they admitted that they were on the wrong way and they needed to come back to the truth. 
We encouraged Kisakui Oulum’s son, Nathan, who is an ACSOP first year student, to keep on evangelizing, preaching and strengthening the brethren in that area.   Please let’s remember these fellows in our daily prayers. 
With love from the Andrew Connally School of Preaching,

Losotwa Michael
Dean of Academics, Andrew Connally School of Preaching

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