Sunday, June 22, 2014

Images of the Week

Abby stands in front of the Usa River church building

     The Lord continues to bless the work here in wonderful ways.  After a big campaign at Ilkiurei a week ago, the very important follow-up has been going strong this week.  There were enough new contacts made to keep us busy for a long time.  We enjoyed seeing lots of new faces at worship this morning.  It is so great to see all of these baby Christians beginning their journey of spiritual growth!

     Meanwhile, a team from Oklahoma has arrived and is conducting another campaign at Usa River.  We've divided our time between the two efforts so as to maintain maximum involvement.  The effort is going well and there are already several baptisms that have resulted.

     Now I thought I would just share with you some interesting images from the past week.  Enjoy!

Sometimes parents have to stay on top of their kids during worship... sometimes it's the other way around.

A child sits patiently and quietly during a Bible study

Studying the Bible in this lady's yard

Abby tagging along on some door-to-door evangelism.  It's a great experience for her.

This is the 1st live turkey that I've ever seen in Africa.  Where was this guy at Thanksgiving!?!?

A sweet little girl, named Gladness, plays with Abby's glasses during church this morning.

Rice, still in its husk, is being spread out to dry.  Once it is dry then a machine will remove the husks and leave behind the grains of rice - a very important staple of an African diet.

Look closely at the white sign.  In the slums of East Africa I found... an business!

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