Sunday, February 2, 2014

Building Classrooms, Churches, and Preachers' Wives

This Classroom Exists Because of Your Support
Clockwise: 1) Emmanuel stands beside his finished product. 2)The partition before it was painted 3) The new classroom that was created 4) Children enjoying class in their new classroom
     A couple of weeks ago we let you know about some needs that the Ilkuirei congregation had, and your response was resounding.  You came through with more than we asked for to build a partition and install windows!  The congregation has been touched by your generosity and has asked me to convey to you their sincere gratitude.  It is wonderful to see brethren reaching across oceans to help and connect with one another.

     One of the members, Emmanuel, is a fundi (carpenter) and was able to provide the labor in building the partition.  You can see his handiwork in the pictures above.  The members have taken pride in the addition and are very excited.  Work should begin on the windows this week.  Thanks to your kindness, I expect there to be enough money left over to possibly provide curtains which would further dim the outside noise.  We will be sure to keep you up to date on the progress being made.

A Church is About to be Born

Daniel and a group of evangelists and church leaders from the congregations in Arusha

     As I have mentioned before, the Arusha congregations are working together to plant a new congregation in the Njiro Chini neighborhood.  On Saturday, I joined a group of evangelists and local church leaders to survey the area and make plans for the month.  Each congregation is "adopting" a day of the week for the whole month of February to go door to door in this area.  Ilkuirei's day is Fridays.  A new church being planted by the purposeful, combined efforts of other congregations rather than because of splits and discord - what a concept!  God and His people never fail to amaze.  

Ladies at Work

     Last month all of the preachers' wives in the area got together for fellowship and Bible study.  They were edified so much that they decided to make it a monthly event.  This month's meeting was Saturday.  Anita Hochdorf taught an exegetical study.  Agnes, one of the local women and one of the best cooks in town, taught the other ladies how to make communion bread (no Matzos crackers here!).  Then Tiffany put her teacher skills to work doing a "make and take" session to improve the very limited Bible class tools that each congregation has.  This month she helped them make a poster to teach the names and divisions of the books of the Bible (in Swahili of course).  You can read Jessica McVeigh's excellent article about the day here.    

     Thank you for your continued interest and support.  It is thrilling to be partnered with you and God in working for the kingdom.

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