Wednesday, October 16, 2013


1. Time flies when you’re moving to Africa – The list of things to be done seems endless, and the time to do it is fleeting.  We also wish we had more time with our friends and family whom we love.

2. Time drags when you’re moving to Africa – It seems like we’ve been talking about and planning for this forever!  We can’t wait to get through this transition and get into the work that God has in store for us.

3. We can get by with less than we think — It has been 4 weeks since we packed up our beds, living room furniture, and many other possessions to send them ahead on the container.  It has been 2 weeks since we sold off our dining room furniture and everything else that we’re not keeping.  Yet life has gone on and, though not ideal, we’ve been just fine.

4. Prayer is powerfully important – This mission wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without lots and lots of prayers, both by us and others.  Also, it won’t be successful without continued prayers.  Please keep them coming!

5. Walking by faith is difficult, but exhilarating – So far we’ve seen God at work throughout this process as we have raised funds and made plans.  It seems like He gives us just enough light to see the next step, but not much more.  Yet each step has landed safely.  We feel assured that God will continue to walk with us as He has already, provided we trust in Him.

6. Fund-raising is hard — The positive side is that it gives people a chance to be involved in missions in an important way without having to go themselves.  If more people sought out that chance, then there would also be more people willing to be missionaries.

7. Leaving a great church behind you is hard, but having a great church behind you is wonderful — Lehman Avenue has been a great place for our family to be, and it is very comforting to know that they are there to be our anchor in the U.S..

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